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  • Replace or Repair?

    Posted by Constance King on Tuesday February 01, 2011 at 11:13 AM

    To Replace or to Repair, That is the Question


    If your computer systems are still under warranty, that question has a pretty simple answer.  But what if your computers are out of warranty and beginning to fail?  With the recent price decline of new technology, oftentimes new replacement parts for used computers can be as costly as simply buying a new computer.      

     So what is a small to medium sized business to do?  Maintaining budget is a necessary evil and new deployments are a lot of work!  Some companies have used employee buyback programs to minimize waste and help lower the cost of new systems.  But is that enough?

     Premier recommends a cyclical computer “refresh” program.  If your PC’s have 3 year warranties then why not order 1/3 of your new computers in year 1, 1/3 in year 2, and 1/3 in year 3?  This way, you always have current, warranted systems in place and it’s much easier on the budget.  In addition, there is now a manageable number of computers you need to store, image, migrate data, asset tag, deploy, and dispose of at any given time.  Your IT staff will be happier due to a controlled, less labor intensive approach for management of new systems.  They should also receive fewer calls from end users!


    Premier is an authorized service provider with specialties in repair, procurement deployment (with a focus on mobile field forces in the U.S.), and data destruction.  Rick Sandway is the President and CEO and is celebrating his 18th year of business.  He can be reached at 800-322-7123 or email us at service@premiercomputer.com.