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  • Business versus Consumer Class of Computer

    Posted by Constance King on Monday March 28, 2011 at 09:14 AM

    Business versus Consumer Class of Computer

     When purchasing a new desktop or notebook computer, users typically look at 2 things: a computers “specs” (processor type and speed, size hard drive, amount of RAM, etc.) and price.  It is also important to consider the total cost of ownership of a computer system. 

    Business class computers typically cost 10-20% more than similarly configured consumer class computers.  Although initial cost is higher, total cost of ownership will be much lower because business class computers are built to last longer.  They are built with stronger materials and go through more rigorous testing by the computer manufacturers.  Consumer class computers also tend to be a bit heavier and have a shorter battery life than comparable business class models.

     In addition, the warranty provided on a business class computer usually is more substantial than that on a consumer model desktop or notebook.  The differences may include faster turnaround time and/or a longer warranty period. 

    In summary, for business users, those in the medical field, education and government, and individual consumers, business class computers tend to be more reliable, have a reduced average ‘downtime’, and have a lower total cost of ownership - making them a wise investment.


    Premier is an authorized service provider with specialties in repair, procurement deployment (with a focus on mobile field forces in the U.S.), and data destruction.  Rick Sandway is the President and CEO and is celebrating his 18th year of business.  He can be reached at 800-322-7123 or email us at service@premiercomputer.com.