Data Destruction and Equipment Recycling

Securely dispose of your equipment.

Businesses, medical facilities, educational institutions, and governmental agencies spend millions of dollars annually in firewalls, anti-virus software, and other security measures to protect the data on their servers and the computers attached to them. When old technology has reached the end of its usable life, it is just as critical that sensitive data be properly destroyed to protect users’ reputations and eliminate the liability associated with confidential data.

Nearly all businesses have some obsolete hardware and software that still contains confidential data – companies have employee and customer information, hospitals have patient data, universities have student records, and government agencies have confidential information like social security numbers, addresses, and date of birth records on taxpayers and government employees. When electronic technology reaches the end of its useful life, it’s crucial that confidential data is properly destroyed before it gets into the wrong hands, and electronic equipment is properly disposed of in a way that satisfies federal, state, and local regulations.

To assure secure data destruction, Premier Computer Services uses a Department of Defense certified data wiping process (DoD 5220.22-M), plus physical destruction of the data source when necessary. A Statement of Destruction is available for every data containing device received by Premier.

Premier Computer Services also provides environmentally responsible disposal of outdated technology. Working hardware which still has a useful life can be cleaned and updated in preparation for sale or donation. Old, non-working hardware is disposed of in a manner friendly to the environment. With Premier's End of Life Cycle business model, electronic technology can be properly recycled and all confidential data destroyed your entire stock of obsolete electronic technology.

One Source Security:

Audit Trails and Compliance:

Regulatory compliance requires the maintenance of auditable records. Every device that enters Premier Computer’s facility for recycling or destruction is tracked by serial number and given a UIN (unique identifying number). All records are uploaded to a secure archive, allowing for easy retrieval of detailed records whenever they are needed.

Advantages of Premier’s destruction and recycling programs: