Premier offers on-site managed services for businesses, schools and hospitals in our Midwest geographic area as well as a depot service program designed to support mobile field sales representatives working for large national corporations.

With its highly trained technical staff, Premier can install a new computer system into a client’s business quickly and efficiently. With our large warehouse facility, Premier is also able to receive in large quantities of new hardware, unpack it, prep it, and deliver it in addition to installing it.

With equal efficiency, Premier can receive, warehouse, image and deploy hundreds to thousands of notebook or tablet computers for a large corporation doing a refresh project. We can even migrate the data from a field user’s old unit (regardless of brand) to their new unit, and we can do it with minimum downtime.

At Premier we recognize that our reputation is only as good as our service. Open and honest communications with our clients is essential in maintaining our reputation of providing the highest level of quality service and support possible.

While we understand that doing work right the first time may satisfy Premier’s obligations, we also realize that going above and beyond our client’s expectations serves as the real measure for assured customer satisfaction.

For the last 16 years, we at Premier have strived to be a best in class business – one our customers can count on without fail. We believe Premier has done an outstanding job of satisfying our clients’ time critical needs – whether it be deployment of new technology, system installation, fast repair turnaround, or migrating of data from old to new computers.